Revomon (Revolution Monsters)

Official Revomon Whitepaper, Last updated January 2024
Revomon is an exciting new online role-playing metaverse (RPG) that combines an incredible, immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world.
We have created a metaverse where players can socialize with each other while hunting for wild Revomon. Think Axie Infinity meets Pokémon Go but in a fully immersive virtual reality (VR) environment.
The game itself combines VR experiences such as grabbing, throwing, shooting and free movement with the disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology, namely:
  • Ownership (NFTs).
  • Play and earn (own).
  • Community governance.
The first collectible monter metaverse cross-platform !
All Revomon in game are catchable and tradeable with other players. Once a player decides to trade the revomon he/her owns, the revomon can be turned into trading cards;
Revomon TCG, Revomon trading cards, Revomon NFTs
Revomon Novus 2024 ? (complete overhaul of the project)
What is Revomon Novus ? Revomon Novus is the name given to the major update of the Revomon project which consists of transforming the entire game into an open-world ecosystem. The update impacts the game world but also the web application (Dapp).
Update of the Revomon project with its version called "Novus".
3 key topics forming the skeleton of Novus; ▶️ Open world map based on ownership (lands) ▶️ Ecosystem where players become contributors involving royalties ▶️ Decisional model based on users (DAO) When Revomon Novus will be released ? The launch of Revomon Novus depends on a new fundraise we are preparing to be able to cover the transition cost to meet these objectives. This fundraise will be proceeded through an ILO (Initial Land Offering). Essentially, it involves the sale of virtual parcels. If we manage to gather enough funds to proceed to this open-world update we will do it, if not we will commit on the current version optimisation. Initially planned for Q4 2023, we have to rescheduled the Novus update due to the workload and lack of funds (Due to a third party exploit leading to a huge step back in the revomon project development, see more here). What is an ILO, how can I participate ? An ILO is a new kind of fundraise allowing users to become landlord in a virtual world (metaverse aka virtual immersive world including an economy layer). When a user purchase a land, he enables new synergies with the players within the ecosystem as he becomes a kind of service provider. Ex; Safari Park landlords will be able to configure a park where revomon spawn (entry fee ticket / spawning % / revomon available ..) The team members are working on the Revomon Novus whitepaper that will share all details around the overall concept and land sale organisation. We plan to do it on BNBChain so if you're familiar with the ecosystem the only thing you need is a wallet configurated for BNBChain blockchain. More info later on this topic. I am belonging to a tier, do I have benefits when Revomon Novus launches ? Yes, if you belong to the master tier (100,000 $REVO) we plan to airdrop you a land. Tamer and > tiers owning a pair of
🙌 will benefit from a whitelist slot for the land sale.
revomon tiers system
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