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Ultimate Player Guide

Guide for all new players, a step by step process to enter the revomon metaverse.

How to start your Revomon journey

Revomon is all about becoming a trainer and progressing in a metaverse. We explain you here, in a simple way, how to kickstart your journey whatever the goals: having fun & start earning. We place the player at the center of the attention. Your time as value, so why not playing & earning at the same time ?
Revomon is playable in Virtual Reality with a VR headset or on Mobile with a smartphone (Android).
The game is free to play. You will never have to pay to play the game.
The specificity of Revomon is the following: it is a "Play And Earn" game. It means you can enable blockchain features (if you want) to empower your gaming experience with earnings.
Let's keep it simple for the introduction, all you need to keep in mind is that Revomon is free to play and welcome gamers with 0 knowledge in blockchain/crypto/NFTs.
We will describe in a detailed section how to enable the Play And Earn features for the interested.
Note the following features usable in the Revomon world:
⚔️ PVP
🗣 Voice chat
🏰 Clan system
👥 Friend list
💱 In-game trading
📥 In-game chat