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Enter the Revomon VR universe.
Opolo Town
Here, players will assume the role of a Revomon Tamer and learn how their real-life gestures will let them interact with the virtual world we have created.
"Revomon crashed to Earth long before the evolution of humanity into the planet’s dominant force. As time passed however, these creatures were forced to adapt to the presence of humanity. As this change occurred, Revomon Tamers managed to bring great benefits to the human race by harnessing the incredible power of the monsters. Many mysteries still remain around the magical capabilities of the Revomon, as it seems that Tamers have only just begun to understand their true power.
Throughout the years various factions have emerged who see the revomon for different purposes: 1) The scientists, who wish to study these revomon and to understand and catalogue their unique abilities. 2) The secret society, made up of the world's most elite and powerful people, they see revomon as nothing but a tool to be used for profit. 3) The anarchists, who believe the world was better when humans and revomon were equal, their goal is to use revomon to disturb the peace.
Select your Tamer and train your Revomon in a first-person environment within VR, and explore the environment by interacting with various elements. Use your slingshot to throw energy balls at Revomon to catch or release them."
Many different features will be added to enhance the social aspect, storyline and competition within the game. These will be built around play-to-earn mechanisms and will include:
  • Quests to further Tamer progression.
  • Clans that will rally separate members around shared interests and group missions.
  • Competition with PVP and tournament ranking.
  • Achievements.
Trainer Menu
Revomon takes a leap forward by not only encouraging our players to earn cryptocurrency, but also by offering them a safe and secure marketplace. Players will be able to sell at auction their Revomon in-game.
Global Trading Station (in-game NFT auctions)
Players can be rewarded for the hours they spend playing Revomon. Time is valuable and the items they collect while playing will have a value for other players. The game is developed with this core aim in mind.
We will provide an open marketplace; players deserve to sell these items if they want to as they are the ones who have invested their time to find them.
Marketplace Dapp prototype selling NFTs
$REVO tokens will be used on our Marketplace Dapp to buy and trade Revomon and other equipment.
Between the social interactions, the physical gestures, the monetization opportunities and the true ownership enabled through blockchain technology, we believe we are creating something completely fresh that combines both the gaming and crypto industries!

Game Design Process

Read more about our game design process here: