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Alpha version 1.2

Release 5th of September


▶️Game build size improvement
The development team managed to optimize the game by compressing many assets in order to reduce the game weight from ~1gb to 270MB. This improvement will allow us to increase the UX and in game experience.
▶️PCVR version working without visual issue
▶️A new route: The route 2
Several NPCs with new revomon team are ready to defy you!
Route 2
▶️A new city: Kadrick Town
Kadrick Town
▶️Adding 20 new revomon
Falcolt |type: sky-neutral Pincub, Camprikine |type: neutral Swiftling, Veloswift |type: sky-neutral Smogshroom |type: toxic Echomaus, Radarent |type: electric Dosoil |type: earth Lycub, Champlion |type: battle Raival |type: sky-electric (legendary) Sumbear, Griezlief, Wintursa |type: forest Coalbra, Volcanolisk |type: fire Pupple, Shydro, Tidju |type: water
▶️NFT protocol setup and in-game integration
Allow to test the wearables and the revomon NFTs minting & management.
▶️Wearables integration
Wearables / Inventory
Players are now able to customize their character with the three first collector wearables created (more will come later). These wearables were given away from the Mystery Card event organized during our IDO (read more here:
The diamond hands, the early supporter cap & the bull hat. 💎🙌The diamond hands will be airdropped to the 2800 eligible members ( 🎩🐮 The early supporter cap & the bull hat will be airdropped to the 290 eligible members (
▶️Heros integration: Female & Male
Players will be able to select one of these two heros. Each player will be able to customize its hero with wearables looted in game or purchased on the marketplace (once the NFTs protocol is fully deployed on the mainnet).
Hello world
Body parts customisable
▶️New feature: You can now use the grip button to pull the slingshot
▶️New feature: You can now select between smooth turning or snap turning in settings