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Beta version 1.9

Mobile game release (android) + Game optimisation

📲 Revomon Mobile Game (Android)

The first ever cross platforms collectible monster metaverse is arriving. Similar to the Nintendo Switch users can start inside and then take their game with them outside, but for Revomon users can play in a fully immersive VR world inside, then continue with their smartphone outside. A bridge is created between Virtual Reality users and Mobile users to play together on a same server. Revomon Mobile is the next step on our path to mass adoption.

What can you expect ? (Mobile game)

▶️ App available on the PlayStore (Android).
▶️ New approach for the game with Lobbies (more details below).
▶️ Balanced and limited/sustainable reward system for the mobile launch (more details below).
▶️ 1.9 Game version update — Changelog (more details below).

📋Revomon Beta game version 1.9 — CHANGELOG

This new game version is mainly focused on mobile version development, VR optimisation and in-game items fixing.
▶️ Ninesee has been returned to the three-dimensional gap
This is the end ! Hope you enjoyed this collaboration with the exclusive Ninesee MetaMon event. Ninesee won’t spawn anymore in game. However, you will still get a chance to get one in the Eggomon 🥚
▶️ Spawn rates modification for mobile users Spawn rates in the mobile lobbies will be actively monitored and adjusted as required. The spawns of all the uncommon revomon comes with 30% more difficulty in the mobile lobbies, with no change in difficulty for VR users.
▶️ 3 new settings “Performance” You will find this new section in the settings with the following options to optimize the game:
  • Enable/Disable the players’ shadows (higher immersion for players who have a powerful device).
  • Enable/Disable the visibility of trainers’ revomon and any revomon they are currently in battle with.
  • Settings “auto-saved” when a player disconnect.
▶️ Portal connection: “Show password” option added.
▶️ Notification system upgrade: A player is notified when a wild rare/legendary/shiny has a spawn locked to them.
🧠 AI improvement: An NPC can now replace one of its monsters at any time during the fight. Be prepared!
▶️ Notification system upgrade:
▶️ Bugs fixings:
  • Left/Right handed setting is now fixed.
  • Shiny reingifir/spectreat cosmetic hat is now fixed.
  • Move ‘Hidden Power’ now display the type used.
  • Revomon holding some berries during a battle could cause the battle to softlock. it’s now fixed.
  • “Move priority items” now working (Cozi Fruity).
  • Move “Belly Drum” is now fixed.
  • Move “Hyper Beam” visual glitch, which displayed the move animation 2 rounds in a row is now fixed.
  • Move with semi-vulnerable effect (Dig, Bounce, etc) fixed.