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2. Element Effectiveness

It’s the basic rock-papers-scissors but on steroids. As of Revomon 1.9, there are a total of 18 elements. These elements dictate if a certain type of move would do more or less damage against a certain type of Revomon.
For example, 🔥 Fire based moves would be weak against Water Type Revomons 💧.
Your goal in Competitive Revomon is to make sure that an individual Revomon or the whole team would have offensive “coverage” against or all element types. BUT offence isn’t everything. You also need to think about defensive “coverage”, making sure that your whole team isn’t weak against a certain element type.
You don’t want a single Revomon to wipe your whole entire team now, do you ?

Here’s the element chart for reference:

Element chart Attacking/Defending

How to read the chart ?

Top to Bottom - Attacking
Left to Right - Defending
Example: Battle Moves will do super effective on Neutral Type Revomons