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4. Revomon Natures

All Revomon would have one assigned nature, this is randomly generated. In total, we have 25 different natures. Natures will raise one stat by 10% and lower another stat by 10%. There are 5 natures which do not have any effect on any stat.

Nature Table:

PRO TIP: It would be ideal to use natures that boost your preferred stat. For example, if you want to deal the maximum damage of Monking using an Earthquake. The nature you should use should Adamant.
Other natures are highly favourable in competitive Revomon such as Jolly and Timid. Although these stats don’t boost damage, this will help you outspeed your opponent. In a Revomon Battle, the fastest Revomon would always deal the damage first. In competitive, this plays a huge role depending on the tactic you’re employing. You will soon learn that not all skills benefit from a high-speed stat.