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9. How do I use all of this knowledge then ?

Competitive Revomon is all based on the assumption that you would need to have the strongest damage dealt with your opponent. How you dish this damage out is an entirely different story and this is where strategies will come into play.
When training your Revomon, ideally you want a high a number on each stat as possible and consider maxing 1 attack stat and 1 defence stat with EV training. Some strategies would even employ 2 attack stats maxed or 2 defence stats maxed but this is entirely player preference.

For Example:

Monking movesets
The best monking for competitive Revomon would look like:
  • Base Stats - ATK 125, SPA 115, and SPE 101 because of these base stats, you want to ideally EV train 252 on ATK, 252 on Speed and 6 on any stats.
  • You also want to catch a Monking that has high IVs on ATK and SPE. 31 would be perfect. Any other stats would be a bonus but beneficial.
  • Nature would need to be either Jolly or Adamant to get that 10% boost without affecting the other major stats.
  • Abilities of the Revomon would come into play, but because this would be a bit more advance to discuss, this would be something for you to do some additional research on.
NB: This kind of Revomon is also very valuable on the trading aspect, it gathers everything needed: Legendary, perfect stats (IVs / EVs trained), right nature & ability.
Having to catch the best IV and training the best EV Revomon is just one piece of the puzzle.
Being able to completely knock your opponents may not be as straightforward as it sounds and you may need to deploy gimmicks and strategies to outsmart your opponent. Most of the time, having the best team composition can define win or lose in your matches.
Now that you have armed yourself with the basic knowledge of how competitive Revomon works it’s now time to start working on being the BEST trainer out there !!
There are lots of players online and the Competitive Revmon scene is always run by the community. It would be ideal for players to join these groups/tournaments to learn more about the game. Trust us, this opens the game to a whole new experience.
Come & join to discuss to the topic on Discord:
See you in the battlefield trainers.
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