Game Infrastructure

Let's get deeper in details regarding how the game is built
Revomon is being built on the Unity engine, the C# scripting API and the built-in Visual Studio integration. This choice is based on several criteria:
  • Efficiency on low power machines (like the Oculus Quest 1 & 2).
  • Community size.
  • Engine age.
  • Developer documentation.
Unity3D is a powerful 2D/3D engine which supports every major console and operating systems. Games developed in Unity can be deployed to almost every platform imaginable. Unity also has a user-friendly development environment and regarded as the world’s most popular game engine.
Unity packs a ton of features together and is flexible enough to make almost any game a developer could imagine. Unity is popular with both hobby developers and AAA studios. It has been used to create games like Pokémon Go, Hearthstone, Rimworld, Cuphead, and plenty more.
Unity comes loaded with a ton of professional tools for both programmers and artists. It provides a workspace that combines artist-friendly tools with a component-driven design that makes game development simple and intuitive.
Unity uses a component-based approach to game development that revolves around prefabs. Thanks to prefabs, game designers can build objects and environments more efficiently and with faster scaling. Unity can deliver impressive graphics across the board with its powerful shaders, physics-based materials, post-processing, and high-resolution lighting systems.
It’s also definitely worth mentioning the Unity asset store, which contains thousands of models, scripts, scenes, materials, and everything else a developer could need to start a project.

Global user process

Here is a map of the end-user's typical path:
Global user process
Important note; the current Dapp is working under Binance Smart Chain only (to be able to stake, farm or simply connect your wallet).
This is to avoid high fees on the Ethereum Network.
  • User buys a headset and uses VR online stores to buy and play Revomon.
  • User progresses in the game, gets rewarded and collects Revomon.
  • Each Revomon can be swapped into NFTs stored on the Binance Smart Chain network. A bridge will be setup to allow the project (mainly to NFTs) to expand to OpenSea (Ethereum Chain).
  • User holds their NFTs in their wallet and can sell them on decentralized marketplaces such as Refinable. See here the official revomon collection:
  • Users can also swap their REVO tokens into ETH if they want.
  • REVO is a crosschain token operating on BSC & ETH blockchain.
    To bridge your tokens you can use the PolyNetwork bridge, tutorial here: