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Alpha version 1.0

Release 30th of June - Testable version to collect bugs thanks to the community. Players' progression are not save.
Initially, we committed to release the full game version by January 2022. However as we wish to take into account the community’s feedback, we decided to refactor the roadmap based on more suitable project management called “Agile”. Indeed, the Revomon team commit to deliver updates based on iterations (feedback from the community -> Patch fixing -> New update). The community will send their feedback on the current version and be able to report bugs through a bug bounty program (more details coming on due time).
NB: During the alpha game version, your hero progression is saved on a test server. It means all progression can be cleared at any moment. An alpha version is defined as follow: ”Alpha software is not thoroughly tested by the developer before it is released to customers. Alpha software may contain serious errors, and any resulting instability could cause crashes or data loss. Alpha software may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.”
NFTs are not yet integrated. The NFT protocol will be deployed on the testnet at the end of July 2021.
Now, let’s focus on the in game content, we have lot of features to introduce for this first version.

In game content


In this 1.0 version, 6 maps will be available:
  • A house interior
Player Home
  • Two cities (Namely Drassius City & Marquis Island)
NB: You will be able to select your starter in the 1st City
Marquis Island
Drassius City
  • One route
Route 1
  • One shop
A location where the tamers can purchase useful items. A cashier and a move tutor are available in this zone.
  • A PVP Arena
  • A NPC fight map


Only one and non definitive hero will be available at start. We are still working on the 2 main heros to integrate, And we will use this placeholder until they are ready.
Temporary hero

Non-player character (NPC)

A NPC will be available to test the fight feature. A dedicated map has also been designed to host the battle.
The fight can be restarted as many times as the player wishes once the 10 minutes countdown is over. The tamers will be able to discover their Revomon attacks & evolution.


17 revomon will be available at the start. The 3 starters: Gorlit 🔥 |Zorelle 💧 |Dekute 🍃 | and their evolutions;
Gorox, Gorcano |type: fire — rock Zorene, Blizzora |type: water — ice Desuke, Deksciple |type: forest— toxic
Spydull, Spookoon, Skultergeist |type: toxic — bug Naxivy, Farinade |type: water Blazlet |type: fire Vyphern |type: forest Chikito |type: fly
NB: We need to rework the types, lot of modifications will be applied all along the game developement.



Players will be able to trade caught Revomon & items with others direclty in game. A simple and functional interface has been developed.

Global Trade Station (GTS)

An in-game marketplace is available. Players will be able to set on sale their Revomon and others players can buy them. Several sub-features are integrated; Searching, Sorting, Collecting in-game money from a sale (Vault)…

Revo PC

Located in your house, the Revo PC aims to store your caught Revomon and help you building your team by transfering and slecting the Revomon you want.


The Revodex is the basic tool of the tamer as important as its slingshot. It allows to identify the Revomon seen and those captured. It will also give you different important information about the creatures.

Team & Bag

Through this feature, each tamer will be able to compose his team & browse the items he owns.

Friend system

Players can add others to stay in touch in a easier way. It shows where are your friends and gives you the possibility to releport to them.

Chest loot

At the end of a PVM battle, you have a rare chance to loot a chest that will offer you items.

PVP battle

Players can enter in PVP mode, challenging others players with their revomon.


Voice Chat

A player can be listened up to 16 meters around him when he is talking orally.

Writing chat

Two writing chats exist:
  1. 1.
    Battle Chat: enabled when the players enter in battle mode. It tracks all the logs of the battle. A simple history of what happened.
2. Normal chat: an in-game chat available to communicate with online players wherever they are.

Revomon Spawn Lock

This feature is to prevent “sniping” meaning that a player who wishes to spend time grinding for a valuable revomon does not need to worry about a random player passing by and taking a rare spawn for themselves.
After a brief window of time has passed, each revomon will be unlocked and fair game for all tamers to catch.

Day & Night cycle

As you can see in the previous image, the game will manage day and night cycle. At this current version stage, all revomon will spawn regardless of the time but in a near future, all creatures will be binded to a time zone creating more specificities to catch the revomon you are looking for.