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Beta version 1.3

Release 30th of September. NFTs integration.


▶️Entering Beta version: Complete wipe of the database
We are now entering the Beta period of the game. This choice coincided with the NFT protocol mainnet release, which will allow us to start the 1st pillar of the Revomon project: the Play To Earn aspect. Players will be now able to catch revomon, turn them into NFTs and trade between players or marketplaces.
The wipe affects:
  • The revomon owned by players in the game (inventory, revopc & team)
  • The revodollars (Please note this is in-game currency, not to be confused with your $REVO wallet)
  • The NFTs on testnet
▶️Modification of the spawner mechanic
As the NFT protocol is now migrated on the mainnet we needed to balance the spawner to keep the rarity aspect of the legendaries & shinies.
The spawner currently works as following: each time a revomon is defeated on the map, an algorithm will randomly select a new revomon to spawn based on it’s rarity. The issue is when you have two players grinding on a map, the spawner will generate two times more frequently, meaning the odds to make a legendary appear are essentially twice what it should be.
All Revomon: To solve this issue, the spawning algorithm has been amended
Pm x 1/1000 = % of odds to make a legendary spawning Pm= Number of players present on the map 1/1000= Odd to make spawn a legendary
Shiny Revomon: The odds to find one has been multiplied per two, you have now 1/8,192 odds.
▶️Security improvement: Login keyboard reworked to cater for increased security.
▶️Adding 7 new revomon
7 new revomon
Dominevo |type: time Drakevo |type: draconic Loftevo |type: sky Twilevo |type: twilight Venturevo |type: neutral Hauntevo |type: phantom R3V-UP |type: metal-electric
NB: R3V-UP is not yet available for players. By the end of October, R3V-UP will be needed to be able to convert revomon into NFTs. Until then, early beta players can enjoy NFT minting with no requirement.
Stay tuned, an article with all the information on this topic will be published in due time.
📑Revodex is also a new feature aiming to provide more information on creatures. Feature available here: