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Beta version 1.4

Release 31st of October. New game content.


▶️23 new revomon + 1 wearable.
NB: The robot line is not accessible in game, more information soon.
Dregg |type: draconic
Wyvegg |type: draconic
Craggon |type: sky-draconic
Koigup |type: water
Koigar |type: water
Slisces |type: water-metal
Tipply |type: water
Hassurugu |type: water
Masakaridon |type: water-battle
Somnap |type: spirit
Soarnap |type: sky-spirit
Soarnox |type: sky-spirit
Spectreat |type: phantom-fire
Mummole|type: earth-phantom
Ghopher|type: earth-phantom
Dexuno|type: metal
Dexdeux|type: metal-time
Dexdrei|type: metal-time
Dexfyre|type: metal-time
Monking|type: earth-sky
▶️1 new city.
Ramboo Metropolis
▶️1 new route.
New NPCs will welcome you, the average revomon lvl they own is 40–45, are you ready to defeat them?
Route 3
▶️Smooth transition when a player teleports, change map or interect with a portal. UX increased.
▶️Modification of the Spawn Locker system, to avoid having too many Revomon assigned to a single player.
▶️Attempt to limit the movement speed of the players.(patch can evolve, waiting players’feedback).
Some players using PCVR version benefit from a dedicated touch providing a “running” feature. As it is seen as a disadvantage from other players using different headsets, we aim to restrict this possibility.
▶️ Mobile development (proof of concept) ongoing.
Some screenshots…