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Beta version 1.5

Release 1st of December. New game content.


▶️26 new revomon + 1 wearable.
NB: The bluezilla, froastoast, furnice, kangoo line & R3V-UP are not available to catch in the game.
Bluezilla is the contest event celabrating the partnership between Bluezilla (GameZone) & Revomon. Available in the eggomon.
Froastoast & Furnice will be accessible for the Christmas/End of year event.
Kangoo line only available in the eggomon.
R3V-UP is now mandatory to get access to the NFTs minting feature. If you do not own one, you cannot mint NFTs. Not available in the eggomon. Full detail here to get one 👉 The R3V-UP
Hookanga |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare
Roojab |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare
Kangkross |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare
Wolpan |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare
Panlow |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare
Opawan |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare
Locuna |type: bug |scarcity: common
Lunacoon |type: bug-time |scarcity: common
Moontis |type: bug-time |scarcity: common
Bouldorable |type: earth-stone |scarcity: common
Rockonid |type: earth-stone |scarcity: common
Pandozer |type: earth-stone |scarcity: common
Scorpyd |type: bug-stone |scarcity: rare
Tetrapion |type: bug-stone |scarcity: rare
Turtislet |type: water-forest |scarcity: common
Shellacay |type: water-forest |scarcity: common
Atolloise |type: water-forest |scarcity: common
Peafrost |type: battle-ice |scarcity: common
Kickundra |type: battle-ice |scarcity: common
Frostoast |type: ice-fire |scarcity: rare
Furnice |type: ice-fire |scarcity: rare
Bookwyrm |type: twilight-spirit |scarcity: rare
Leximinth |type: twilight-spirit |scarcity: rare
Bluezilla |type: neutral-draconic |scarcity: rare
R3V-UP |type: metal-electric |scarcity: rare (only buyable + boost user)
✨Polluvern |type: toxic-draconic |scarcity: legendary
R3V-IS0R |type: wearable |scarcity: collector item for veteran (owning diamond hands), elite & master tiers. Collector wearable
▶️1 new city.
Cinvia harbor
▶️1 new route.
New NPCs will welcome you, the average revomon lvl they own is 40–45. Some of the NPCs own revomon you cannot catch at the moment 😈
route 4
▶️New tutorial to welcome users in the Revomon metaverse.
The goal is to improve the FTUE (First Time User Experience) a key moment in the gamer’s journey.
▶️Lag improvement; players should not face lag anymore, code has been optimised and the server machine has been upgraded.
▶️Multiple bug fix based on the discord server’s ticket system.
▶️Capsule Store available in the last city: allow the trainer to buy more attacks for his revomon. Same system as the shop, take the bag & go shopping!
To install the new revomon 1.5 update, uninstall and reinstall the game throught SideQuest: (update available today at 11pm UTC latest)