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Beta version 1.6

Release 23rd December. New game content - Winter Edition


▶️11 new revomon + 1 wearable.
Odonymph |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common
Drakefly |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common
Meganeudra |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common
Wyverdant |type: forest-sky |scarcity: rare
Teddream |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare
Bearmare |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare
Nightmort |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare
Cupidove |type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common
Dovamour |type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common
Romanfrig|type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common
✨Reingifir |type: forest-sky |scarcity: common, 50 limited edition
☃️WINTER WONDERLENS |type: wearable |scarcity: collector item for veteran (owning diamond hands), elite & master tiers.


▶️1 new city.
Arktos Village
Arktos Village is a temporary open village accessible to players taking the boat.
Duration 23rd Dec 2021 — 23rd March 2022 (3 months). Exclusive Revomon will spawn there and won’t be catchable during the rest of the year (except throught Eggomon & Booster packs).
Note that Froastoast is now catchable in this village.
Average revomon level: 10–15
▶️1 new “route”.
Players can take the ship at Cinvia Harbor to travel to Arkos Village.
Players will have to face several challenges from the NPCs present in order to have a safe journey.
▶️Battle mode system refactored. It has been optimised and rethink to welcome upcoming features such as 2vs2 battle mode.
▶️Revomon spawn system optimised. No modification on odds.
To install the new revomon 1.6 update, uninstall and reinstall the game throught SideQuest: (update available on the 23rd of Dec 2020.)