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Beta version 2.1

A new game version of Revomon has been released on the 6th July 2022 with one main goal: Optimisation !


▶️ Battle Reconnect feature: You can reconnect in a PVM and PVP battle (not against a NPC).
▶️ Fix: Player being kicked from the server if they were using only orbs for more than 5 minutes during a battle.
▶️ Fix move: Volt Switch; won’t switch if uneffective.
▶️ Fix move: Fling.
▶️ Fix move: Whirlwind; when target’s level is higher than attacker’s one.
Note; the below move fix has been applied during June
▶️ The following moves are now working correctly; Pursuit, Future Sight, Razor Wind, SolarBeam, Freeze Shock, Ice Burn, Sky Attack, Skull Bash, Fly, Dig, Dive, Bounce, Shadow Force, Phantome Force, Sky Drop, Geomancy, Metronome, Protect, Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Baton Pass, Metal Burst.

🎴 Cosmetic Booster Packs — Costumes !

Costumes are coming in Revomon !🦸‍♂️🌈
Our designers worked on several costumes fitting the game content, prepare yourself to look like super heroes or your favourite monster !
Here are the new costumes that will be soon available on the Revomon Store:
Ready to take some selfies with your favourite costume & mon ? 🤳

✈️ Monthly Airdrop

The monthly airdrop takes place this 12th July 🎁
Eligible tiers; Elite & Master. Including Veteran tier if the user owns a diamond hands NFT 💎🙌
The Craggon skull is part of a 5 item set, the helmet is the rarest part of the set.
The full set grants a catching rate bonus to players wearing it (5%).