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Beta version 2.2


This new game version is mainly focused on optimisation, a new in game mechanic and a new map.
▶️ Victory Island; a new map gathering social & competitive aspects together !
The Victory Island is a medium-sized map accessible from City 1 (Drassius City; where you spawn as new player). The purpose is to offer a place to meet, socialise and interact with others all in a chill ambiance. You want to meet other players ? You go to the Victory Island !
🥇,🥈or🥉? Which position are you going to climb and hold for the most time during a week ? The Victory Island has a Victory Podium in which players can climb and rank in PVP battles. It’s a new #playandearn mechanic. If you hold a position on the podium, an IA will play your character against brave heroes trying to steal your place while you’re away.
How the Victory Podium is working ? To be ranked among the top 3 players and earn a reward, you will need to hold your position as much time as possible during a week. Your character’s cumulative time on the podium position is recorded and then added up to define who will be selected for position 3, 2 and 1 at the end of the week.
Reward distribution 1000 $REVO/month (250 $REVO/week) is the planned reward based on the following payout structure:
A dedicated page on the Dapp is added.
▶️ New requirement for ranked PVP (top 15):
We strenghtened the rules on the current PVP P2E feature. 1. Your account’s total playtime must be over 5 hours. 2. The algorithm will only select you to start a fight if you have 6 Revomon in your team.
▶️ Avatar animation for mobile users
▶️ Mobile version; the camera can be moved around the player ▶️ EVs update: Soleel/Doubeel/Triplydra will now give EV HP instead of EV ATK during a wild battle
▶️ The following moves have been fixed: - ‘Strength Sap’ - ‘Encore’; opponent can now switch out - Move ‘Venom Drench’ - Move ‘Play Rough’; secondary effect correctly applied
▶️ Miscellaneous Bug Fix: - During a double KO leading to the end of a fight, the 1st fighter falling KO is correctly counted as the loser. - Revomon not disappearing from the world map in some cases when the owner disconnect. - In some cases, being disconnected from the game while battling may prevent you from logging back in. - Item ‘Unevolve Stone’ can be looted again. - The Fruity’s real name is displayed correctly in the battle log. - Using ‘Full PP Aid’ from bag. - The player menu resets correctly when a player is disconnected from the game server. - The battle menu correctly appears when starting a PVP battle while flipping through your PC. - You can now close your team when using the move ‘U Turn’ after one of your Revomon fainted.

🎴 New Booster Packs: The 3 first limited Costumes

The best $REVO supporters (cf veteran with💎🙌 , elite & master tiers) already received the Craggon Crane & the Azuroon Helmet: Completing the remaining items will be easier for you as the helmets are the most difficult part to get in the booster algorithm ! Wearing the full set will boost your catching rate up to 5% (during the catching event using your orbs).
These booster packs are limited and will replace the starters themed ones available in the Revo Store: