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Beta version 2.3


This new game version is mainly focused the Halloween event launch and minor optimisation.
▶ Saving your credentials
▶️ Push to talk (vocal)
▶️ Murdoll, the Halloween Revomon, available in game during 4 weeks
▶️ Bugs Fix: some Moves & Abilities

✈️ Monthly Airdrop x2

The monthly airdrops have been done on the 4 & 5 Nov.
Eligible tiers; Elite & Master. Including Veteran tier if the user owns a diamond hands NFT 💎🙌
Airdrop done in partnership with Gamezone for the HUB launch
The full set (Z.0.N.E SUIT) grants a catching rate bonus to players wearing it (5%). This airdrop has been proceeded in partnership with GameZone for their HUB Launch;
November monthly airdrop