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Partners and Advisors

SideQuest: Sidequest is a VR platform that functions in the Oculus ecosystem and is one of our key partners. SideQuest is a third-party PC, Mac and Linux application that makes sideloading content onto your Quest super easy. It has a store page featuring a bunch of popular apps available via sideloading and a couple of extra features. In short, it allows VR application developers to offer their games on Oculus Quest without Facebook's approval.
Sidequest has been recently backed by the founder of Oculus, and is also working with Oculus developers to support AppLab. We consider this as an opportunity to integrate a large network in the Virtual Reality industry. Sidequest is supporting the development of the Revomon game and will advise the Revomon team on key marketing strategies for deployment on their platform.
LVT Capital: A venture capital taking real pride in supporting the best up and coming projects in the blockchain space. With over 200 projects under review by the LVT research team, we focus and partner up with the best of the best, especially groundbreaking VR technologies. One of the key elements of the partnership is the connection with various exchanges that will make $REVO accessible throughout the blockchain world. From a user perspective, key opinion leaders and influencers (especially from the VR community) are testing Revomon and more will be onboarded in the process, with an opportunity to experience and get hooked to this amazing game and technology. Pino Tedesco is the CEO of LVT Capital and directly in touch with the Revomon Team to provide guidance with his team.
Te-Food: An established company that provides an end-to-end food traceability solution on blockchain for all customers maturities. Te-Food has growing business activities and is financially healthy. CEO Erik Árokszállási and CMO Marton Ven will advise the Revomon team on the business model, the company organisation and management thanks to their professional experiences running a business and to their blockchain knowledge background.
BSCPAD/Bluezilla (mother company): A Launchpad platform that benefits all holders of the token and allows for fair launches giving traders of all sizes the opportunity to invest in the best upcoming Binance Smart Chain projects. The BSCPAD team helps in the promotional campaign during the ICO and the early stage of $REVO token life. Also, a strategic partner for the long run.
Refinable (Acquired by Artifact Labs): A marketplace operating on Binance Smart Chain to allow users to trade their digital assets (NFTs) in a safe way. It has been acquired by Artifact Labs in May 2023.