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Tokenomics - $REVO

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⚠️ Important information

New Tokenomics (since 1st August 2023)

Total supply: 46,000,000 Circ. supply: 36,000,000 Treasury: 10,000,000
Token address: 0xAab09b5cd1694d12c8c980306f5E2f5d65b00E1C
  • The project has burnt 54% (54,000,000) of the previous total supply.
  • Circulating supply gathers the holders and the pool liquidity.
  • Treasury will be used throught DAO decision to allocate the ecosystem pools: Staking, Farming, Play and Earn and other incentives.

Old Tokenomics (1st April 2021 - 1st August 2023)

Total supply: 100,000,000 Circ. supply: 13,000,000 (Pre sale + Public sale)
Tokens allocation
Comparison: Token sales amount vs locked Uniswap liquidity amount
Token utility