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Revomon’s ecosystem will create an interesting way of generating passive revenue for a limited time in its early stages, through staking and yield farming pools. 35.2% of the max supply will be held in the RevoVault, and will be used solely to reward all users that stake or provide liquidity to feed DeFi protocols such as Uniswap and Quickswap (on Polygon).
Simply put, by adding liquidity, you will be able to stake the LP tokens received to earn $REVO tokens based on a variable APY.


Fees generated by these protocols will be shared between liquidity providers and that, in turn, will increase their voting power to support the on-chain democracy. It’s a virtuous cycle that aims to set up a win-win situation between investors and DeFi actors.
As we are using the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, there will be a means for swapping tokens with extremely low fees through the PancakeSwap DEX.
More information on this will be shared as we decide upon it.